mySilverPuzzle is an enchanting series of themed postcards based in Hong Kong, meticulously crafted by a group of travel-loving Hongkongers.

With a profound passion for design and storytelling, we artfully capture the charm of lesser-known and distinctive locations from various cities on our postcards. We curate a collection of obscure and unique destinations, weaving them together into a visual tapestry that sparks the imagination.

To further enhance your experience, we have thoughtfully included a QR code on the back of each postcard. These codes serve as gateways, allowing you and your friends to embark on virtual journeys to these captivating places at your convenience. Explore, discover, and let your wanderlust flourish, as mySilverPuzzle takes you on a remarkable adventure anytime you desire.

With enthusiasm in design and story-telling, we put the obscure and unique locations of different cities together in a postcard. We include a QR code behind each of these postcards. They can bring your friends and you to these places so that you can explore them anytime.

What’s the missing puzzle in your travelling collection?


Location: Argentina,formally as Argentine Republic (Spanish:República Argentina) is a country with population more than 45M. With a population density of no more than 20 people per square kilometer, it has a lot of greenery like other low-density South American countries, and a more restful human life than Asian places.

Argentina impressed tourists of being independent and distinct, but still unable to show her different looks. For this we invited local illustrator Milton Velazque to draw four attractions that are worth introducing in the eyes of locals, so that everyone can take another way to appreciate the connotation of Argentina.

Illustrator: Milton Velazque (Instagram:
Argentine, his works are dominated by distinctive buildings in different countries. The composition with a strong sense of perspective is simple and full of details, with a touch of Andy Warhol or Morandi in color, sometimes lively and bold, and occasionally low-key and soft.