Mr. Brown Avenue


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Named for the advertisement
The former address of Brown Boulevard is located in Chishang Township, Taitung County, Taiwan. Its official name is Jinxin No.3 Road and is famous for the TV advertisement of Mr. Brown Cafe.

Take a look at the clean and boundless landscape: the road is flanked by fields of rice paddies and free from the tarnish of telegraph poles and street lamps. It doesn’t matter whether the rice fields are green and golden, they can always relax your body and free your worries.

Takeshi Kaneshiro Tree
(Abstract fromTaitung – Taiwan’s Travel ) In Mr. Brown Avenue, there is a bishop wood, which was named as “Takeshi Kaneshiro Tree” after Takeshi Kaneshiro was featured in the TV advertisement. With dense foliage, this tree is a perfect shelter from the sun. It has attracted numerous starstruck and tourists to check in at.


As Mr. Brown Avenue is used as the industrial road for farmers’ daily work, please be careful not to destroy the fields or block farm vehicles when you visit there.

Address: Brown Boulevard, Chishang Township, Taitung County
Opening hours: Public places, open 24 hours
Admission: Free
How to get to Brown Boulevard:

(Traffic information changes frequently. Please check with each station before departure.)

Driving by yourself: Freeway No. 5 – under Su’ao Interchange – Suhua Highway – Highway 193 – Huatung Highway – Township Road East of 9 line – Township Road East of 6 line.

Public transport: take Taiwan railway to Chishang Station – transfer to Diing Dong Bus no. 8176 to Baoan Temple station.

Accessible Transport:

Take Taiwan railway to Taidong station – transfer to Diing Dong Bus no. 8165 (low floor bus required reservation) to the Brown Boulevard West station.
Nearby facilities:

parking lot/accessible toilets

There are still farmers in the area who make a living by farming. Please take care of nature and crops when traveling.
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