Dulan Sugar Factory


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The sweet of Dulan Mountain

The Hsin-Tung Sugar Factory (a.k.a Dulan Sugar Factory) is located at Dulan Mountain, which is gifted with the name of Sacred Mountain. It is a private sugar factory in Dulan Village, Donghe Township,Taitung City. It is the last of the earliest-built brown sugar factories.
The sugar factory has stopped its work since 1991. In 2001, it was transformed as a Cultural and Creative Park for artists and craftsmen to march into and tourists to visit.

The Cultural Park
(Extracted from Taitung Tourism website) The Hsin-Tung Sugar Factory was built during the time when Taiwan was under Japanese rule. At the last phase of the second world war, it was destroyed partially by allied fires. Although it has been abandoned for a few years, the general structures are retained completely, including the blockhouse, office, flag station and factory. After ending its production in 1991, under the guidance of Taitung County Government, it was actively transformed into “Dulan Brown Sugar Cultural Park”. The idle and dull space is turned into an art and culture park jointly managed by various artists.

Nowadays, the old office has been converted into a nostalgic café, while the wooden houses have been planned as a homestay and the Amis Cultural Museum. In February 2010, National Concert Hall staged the film musical named “Kara-Orchestra” to critical acclaim and many of its scenes were filmed in this café.


In 2001, the Land Administration Bureau of Taitung County government carried out the improvement project of the new Dulan Sugar Factory (the overall development plan of Pacific Coastal Trails). The plan includes adding more green space and recreational facilities. The square ground will also be reorganized as a suitable place for community activities.

Address: 61 Dulan Village, Donghe Township, Taitung County, Taiwan
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 10:00-17:00
Admission Fee: Free
How to get to the Dulan Sugar Factory:

(Traffic information changes frequently. Please check with each station before departure.)

Driving: National Freeway 3 -National Freeway 5 – Su’ao Interchange – Provincial Highway 9 – Tananao Bridge –  Nan-ao North Bridge – Provincial Highway 9 – Country Road 19 – Mingli Road – Xuanyuan Road – Country Road 15 – Country Highway 193 – Provincial Highway 11 – Dulan Sugar Factory Café and Art Gallery.

Public transport: Take Taiwan railway to Taitung station – change to line 8101A (to Sanxiantai) to Dulan Sugar Factory.

Take Taiwan Railway to Taitung Station – transfer to Dingdong Bus 8102 (to Jingpu), 8103 (to Chenggong), 8109 (to Taiyuan) and get off at Dulan Station B.

Accessible public transportation:

Take Taiwan Railway to Taitung Station – transfer to Taiwan Haohang East Coast Line 8101A (to Sanxiantai) (Low-floor bus requires reservation) to Dulan Sugar Factory.
Nearby facilities: exhibition hall/sales department/parking lot/public toilets
Tips: Weekly concerts will be arranged at the café at 20:00 on every saturday.
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