Heart of the Sea

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The Heart of the Sea

Since 1996, Kwok Kau (Chi: 郭九) has been picking up the rocks in different sizes in the Wu Kai Sha beach. He replaced them with smooth sand, transforming the graveled rocky beach to a favourable beach filled with fine sand and clear water. He is shortlisted for the Hong Kong Loving Hearts 2011, a TV show organized by the Asia Television Limited.

In 2012, Mr Ng, a retired gardener who worked in the Leisure and Cultural Services Department before, volunteered in the stone rearrangement project. He molded them into shaped hearts (Heart of the Sea) and another pattern being “Blessings”.

Whereabouts of the Heart

The Heart of the Sea is located at the Wu Kai Sha beach, Ma On Shan, New Territories. It is located between the Wu Kai Sha Youth Village and the Whitehead Golf Club, while Lok Wo Sha is in its East. BBQ buffet and boat rental services are located at the beach.

Wu Kai Sha beach is a famous spot for enjoying the sunset. It attracts numerous shutterbugs and prospective couples every year. CNN Travels also featured it as the “Best Beach for Romantic Sunset”.

Conservation or Preservation
Environmental groups consider the heart of the sea and other stone scriptures are destroying the coastlines. They could be disastrous to the organisms nearby. The stone piles are indeed the home for some small animals.

The evidence provided by the environmental groups is well supported. Therefore, the “Restore Project” is welcomed by various parties. However, if the habitat is already adapting to the changes, could this so-called “Restore Project” be another disaster to the  maturing ecology?

People often underestimate themselves for the destruction they have made to nature. They also neglect the adaptability of nature. We should act before it is too late to restore the natural habitat before the damage becomes irreversible.


Wu Kai Sha Beach
Opening Time:

Public access, 24 hours
Entrance fee: Free

A) MTR: Leave at Exit A, Ma On Shan Station. Go pass the Ma On Shan Shopping Mall along the bridge. After arriving at the Park and entering the intersection point, turn left on the tree and walk 20 minutes.

B) Cycling: Rent a bike at the bicycle stores located at Tai Wai, Shatin or Ma On Shan. Cycling
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