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Build on a hillside: Living by the sea

The Jialulan Recreation Area is less than 3km away from Taitung’s famous Fugang Fishing Harbour. It is the Amis tribe of Donghe Township which means “kararuan” in Amis language and a place to wash your hair. It is named because the nearby creek is full of clay minerals, which can beautify and nourish your hair naturally.

The original place served as the ancestral shrine of Kararuan. The name of the monkey hill nearby (today’s: KaKaWaSan – Rock Hill Tribes) is given by the homonym of “kawasan” in Heluo language, meaning “the land of ancestral spirit”. In the past, Amis warriors died here to defend their homeland. In terms of geological landscape, there is a complete sedimentary structure and sedimentary deformation structure, and all of them are special as they are upside-down.


From Military to Civilian Use

(Excerpted from Taitung Tourism Website – Taitung: Taiwan’s Treasure) The Jialulan Recreation Area was originally used by the air force for the construction of the Zhi-Hang Air Base. where they used it as a temporary soil storage site. After being rebuilt by the East Coast National Scenic Area Administration several times with ecological engineering methods, the new parking lot, observatory deck and installation art were added to organize the abandoned area into a rich style recreational area and rest area.

The Jialulan Recreation Area is not only the new home of the arts and crafts market, but also a gathering place of East Coast art lovers to share their dreams and lifestyles, and to display and sell their creations.

The Jialulan Arts and Crafts Market is held annually. Take the time to visit the market and experience for yourself the magical combination of nature, simplicity, creativity and the bite of the ocean.


Taitung City, Taitung County, Fugang Fishing Harbor 1 km north
Opening hours: 24 hours
Admission: Free
How to get to Jialulan:

(Traffic information changes frequently. Please check with each station before departure.)

Driving by yourself: National Road No.5 – Su’ao Exchange Road – Provincial Highway 9 – Provincial Highway 11.

Public transport: take Taiwan railway to Taitung station – transfer to Diing Dong Bus no. 8102 (to Jingpu), 8103 (Chenggong), 8109 (Taiyuan) to Jialulan station.

Take Taiwan Railway to Taitung Station – transfer to Taiwan Haohang East Coast Line 8101A and get off at Jialulan Station.

Barrier-free Transportation:

Take Taiwan Railway to Taitung Station – transfer to Taiwan Haohang East Coast Line 8101A (low floor bus required reservation) to Jialulan Station.

There are many installation arts made of driftwood in the area. It is a good place to take photos and check in.
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