Lingnan Garden

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Lychee and Lingnan

Lingnan Garden is part of the Lai Chi Kok Park. It is located in stage 3 of Lai Chi Kok Park, which is south of the Mei Foo Sun Chuen (Mei Foo) in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was officially opened to the public on November 11, 2000, covering an area of 12,500 square meters. As it is located on the reclamation area of Mei Foo in Kowloon, and lychee is a famous fruit of Lingnan, this Chinese park has been built in a traditional Lingnan theme.

“A Quatrain of Huizhou”

Su Shi

Under Mount Luofu, all seasons are spring.

Loquat and bayberry are growing green.

If I can eat 300 lychees a day,

I could move to Lingnan from now on.

It can be seen that lychee is to Lingnan what durian is to Thailand. Indeed, Lingnan Garden is the icing on the cake for Lai Chi Kok park.

Ten Scenic Spots of Lingnan Garden

The park is divided into ten scenic spots, including “An Auspicious Phoenix Motif”, “Stars’ Invitation to the Moon”, “Corridor Bridge on Yakatabune (Chinese: Paint Boat)”, “Breeze of Rising Moon”, “Playland of Clouds and Moon”, “The Pavilion and Xiangqi Endgame”, “Moon’s Shadow in the Stream”, “Verdant North”, “Healthy Pebble Trail” and “Imperturbation”.


In addition to their refined names, the ten scenic spots in the garden have their own stories, including:


An Auspicious Phoenix Motif

Upon entering the east gate, crossing the side hall, everything falls in place indicating you have arrived at this scenic spot. Along the axis, you can find the peak stones lying across, which are from Guangdong Yingde. There are turtle stone carvings in the square pond, and similar stone carvings can be seen in Foshan Ancestral Temple.The landscape changes at the bridge corridor: pond with half water full meaning Yin Yang union, which is the common technique of garden landscaping. The second part of the spot Chinese title “Lai Yi” (來儀) means the arrival of distinguished and important persons.


Playland of Clouds and Moon

In the west of the garden, there is the Youwei Viewing Platform in memory of Kang Youwei and Liang Qichao, who were the pioneers of the idea of “Fusion of East and West”. The bottom of the platform is made of Yingde stones in cloud shape. With the hills behind the platform, when you look up into the sky, the cumulonimbus cloud in blue sky appears in the daytime, while the sky is full of stars at night. In such a scenery, there is no space left for the moon, and you may eventually wonder how closely connected is the Earth and heaven and we are just a drop in the ocean. Those who advance trace for their need; while those who retreat may get a better picture, each has its own needs. Feel free to come and experience it anytime.


Visitors can walk slowly to get immersed into the taste of the ten spots to understand their lingering charm.


Lai Chi Kok Park Stage 3, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Kowloon
Opening hours:

7 a.m. to 11 p.m
Admission: Free
How to get there:

Take MTR Mei Foo Station Exit F. The entrance to Lai Chi Kok Park is at this exit. Go to Lai Chi Kok Park Stage 3 on your right. It takes about 15 minutes to reach Lingnan Garden.
Nearby facilities:

Lai Chi Kok Park has a large grassy area suitable for picnics.

Lingnan Wind and Lai Chi Kok Park are surrounded by residential buildings.
Please try to avoid making too much noise to avoid disturbing others.
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