Nam Shan Estate Playground


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Zero in on the Old Era

Nam Shan Estate (a.k.a Tai Hang Tung) is a public estate, located between Shek Kip Mei and Yau Yat Chuen. Nearby locations are Hong Kong City University, Shek Kip Mei Park, Tai Hang Tung Estate and Tai Hang Sai Estate.


On the terrace above the market, there are two old children’s playgrounds. A special landscape is formed as the three sides of the terrace are surrounded by buildings. It has become a famous photography spot in recent years.


Ascendancy in the Ordinary 

As society changes, new-build community facilities will only become more advanced, safer and more standardized. Among those renovated housing estates, you can witness the afterglow of the past ages in Nam Shan Estate.


Some public spaces and leisure facilities have not lost the unique heritage of the past public housing. What treasures can you find in this estate? Table tennis tables with slightly damaged corners; Curved metal climbing frame which is slightly off-paint with the good name “Rainbow Bridge”.


Trade-off of Development

The idea of allowing children to develop fair play and good manners through playgrounds originated in Germany. There are playgrounds attached to schools for facilitating children’s growth. However, during our growth, we are constantly reducing complexity to simplicity for a more convenient life.


Look at what’s left on children’s faces, are there traces of laughter, or only pity?

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